If you think laser hair removal is supposed to be painful, scarring, a lengthy process, unaffordable, ineffective? Are you afraid your skin and color is too light or dark for the treatment to work successfully? Then you’re 100% wrong! Advancements in science and technology have changed the way Dermedica Laser & Spa do laser hair removal.



A new way to say goodbye to unwanted hair without any pain or discomfort.

Dermedica Laser & Spa is the only medical aesthetic facility in the Greater Toronto Area that uses top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art, speedy, completely effective, affordable, pain-free, pulse-by-pulse, laser technologies that include:

  • The Cutera Coolglide ND: Yag Laser
  • The Sciton Broadband System and dual wavelength platform long pulsed 755
  • 1064 nanometer Lutronic Clarity ND: Yag and Alexandrite.


Dermedica Spa & Laser is the ONLY spa in Toronto that has this technology. Come in and try it today!

  • How come the Clarity Lutronic Laser Hair Removal is painless? It deploys cryogenic freezing, which instantly anesthetizes the mid-dermal layer of the skin before each pulse. You feel absolutely nothing.
  • How can it treat any skin and hair type safely and effectively? The Alexandrite combined with the ND: Yag uses the appropriate fluencies, milliseconds, spots sizes, wavelengths, thermal resting times etc. to target the hair bulbs of any skin or hair type (ranging from porcelain skin tones with thin flaxen peach fuzz, to African complexions with thick black hair).
  • How does it treat a full body so fast? Number one, it doesn’t require any gel application. And number two, it runs on 10 Megahertz as opposed to the older models that used 300. Quicker pulse times, make it possible to treat an entire body from head to toe in half the time.
  • How are treatments so cost-effective? Dermedica Laser & Spa offers a laser treatment package that includes for 4 body part for $179, for a year. This puts you into the Dermedica Loyalty Program.  So, if at any time you wish to add more parts, you are eligible for the Dermedica promotion and to affordably purchase more parts at the same loyalty pricing.
  • What constitutes 1, 2, 3 or 4 body parts? Dermedica Laser and Spa uses an industry standard body part point system:
  1. Each of these body parts equals one area: abdomen strip, areola, bikini line, brow (between the eye brows), cheeks, chin, ears, fingers, gluteal crease, jawline, upper lip, front or back of neck, nose, sideburns, sternum, throat and toes.
  2. Each of these body parts equals two areas: Brazilian bikini, full buttocks, both shoulders, stomach, an underarm, knees.
  3. Each of these body parts equals three areas: full abdominal area, upper or lower arms, upper or lower back, upper chest and full Brazilian.  
  4. Each of these body parts equals four areas: a lower leg and a thigh.
  •   How often are you supposed to schedule a treatment? It is important to book your appointment every 6-8 weeks because you’re using the regrowth of hair in the treated area as a guide to know when the most hair bulbs are active. This time is optimal for treatment because it is a phase in the hair growth cycle where you can kill the most hair bulbs. For optimal results, it is important to stay on cycle and not miss any appointments.  

Get 1 Year of Pain Free Laser Hair Removal for $179