Loyalty Program

Dermedica Loyalty Program

We are pleased announce a new membership program that allows us to continue to keep our pricing low on all of our existing packages. Our loyalty program also helps us to match our Groupon pricing.

How does the program work?
If you wish to renew your existing package at the same price that you originally purchased it at, sign up for our Loyalty program to continue enjoying your preferred pricing. You'll also receive price-protection. So, even if there is a price increase on Groupon pricing for our packages, or an increase in price for our Loyalty package pricing, your packages will always be held at the same price you originally paid.

This Loyalty card also gives you access to in-house promos throughout the year. Just keep this card in your wallet and present it to us when you are ready to start new packages, renew any existing packages or take advantage of spa promotions and/or discounts on spa products.

What if I am a new Dermedica customer?
We also have Loyalty pricing options for all new customers, including Groupon customers. When pricing options may work out cheaper than the Groupon packages featured online, we will be happy to offer the lower pricing options available if you are a Dermedica Loyalty Member.

Does it cost anything to join?
Enjoy Groupon pricing and Loyalty pricing options for only $30.00/year (inclusive of taxes).
(Memberships expire 1 year from the date of purchase).

How do I join?
Ask about our loyalty program during your next visit to sign up.

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